For the foreseeable future, I am only accepting commission work if
I am personally able to come to the location to take the base photographs and it is within 50 miles of zip code 08070.
Please contact me to discuss details.

Yes, I do custom work/commissions!
In fact, it is one of my most favorite things to do.

What a unique gift to give to yourself or to someone else.
What a very special and magical way to immortalize a special place.

I can either come to your location and take the photographs
or you can send me your photographs...

 BASIC CUSTOM PACKAGE  $150.00 + Shipping (see below for shipping costs)
The basic package includes:
(1) 12x18* mat-ready, unbordered print of your subject
(1) 8x10* mat-ready, unbordered  print of your subject
Travel to your subject location within 50 miles of zip code 08070 / Salem County, NJ
you provide photographs**

Final artwork will be left to my interpretation.
However, please feel free to let me know if anything should be featured (particular angle, porch, walkway, etc) or if you would like something added, such as flowers or trees.
I often work in composites so really most anything is possible.

Travel 51-100 miles from zip code 08070, add $50.00
Travel 100+ miles from zip code 08070, price to be negotiated

$10.00 within the continental U.S.
$25.00 everywhere else

To discuss and start the process:
Email me -
Call or text me - 732.301.4090

Payment in full will be required before commission work commences


Photographs should be large format.  I will need at least 3-5 photographs of the subject.

*Sizes are approximate, but close.
Sometimes the image must be larger to accommodate all subject matter.

**Images MUST be photographs in large format that you can send to me 
electronically as attachments!  
Please, no links to realtor sites, websites, newspaper clippings, etc.  
I have used these types of images in the past and 
the artwork just does not lend itself well to such media.
Pictures from cell phones do not normally work either but if that's all you have, I can see if I can work with your cell phone images.  

Please note that even if I think I can work with a cell phone image, 
the finished product will still not be of the highest quality.  
In relation to my artwork, cell phone images are substandard to those taken with traditional cameras.